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I recently lost my car to repossession and I am an Uber Rideshare/delivery driver. That was my source of income and I have been without my car since the 17th. I have basically just about run out of time that the finance co. has given me to get the car back. I haven’t paid my November rent either. Uber’s driver app technology failed me, it caused me to lose income and backslide on my bills. They’ve already taken my car, I need to prevent eviction at this point as well. I can get it all turned around with just some help and to get this in front of Uber themselves and get them to step up and help out one of the drivers who risked EVERYTHING I had to make an independent living on my own terms. I failed because they failed me.

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I have a product I would like to design, develop and sell, however, every investment company willing to assist me wants upwards of 200,000 dollars to get started. I don’t have that much money and really not in a position to get a loan for that much. So, I am asking complete strangers to help me raise money so I can do this on my own. My goal is to raise at least 150,000 dollars. I will then find a company to design my product, get it developed and then start selling it. I believe by using Amazon I can get this product out there and once people see it, it will sell itself. My product could go on every truck, car or SUV and can be used by anyone from a student to an elderly person. It is visible and will sell itself, however, some advertisement will be needed to get it initially going. If you are willing to assist me in this endeavor, I would greatly appreciate it.