LoveWorks — Celebrating 25 Years in Business

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LoveWorks — Celebrating 25 Years in Business

LoveWorks, the store for lover, is celebrating 25 years of successful business, and more than 18 years of selling on the internet! We were one of the first southern Louisiana stores for lovers.



February 5, 2016 — This year, just in time for Valentine’s Day, LoveWorks is celebrating 25 years in business. The self-proclaimed “Store for Lovers”, has come a long way since 1991 when the first lingerie boutique consisting of just 1,000 square feet opened in a shopping center in Lafayette, Louisiana.

LoveWorks LingerieBecause of laws in place at the time, LoveWorks couldn’t sell “adult items”, so they began with lingerie, novelties, and gag gifts. After the laws changed and the restrictions were removed, LoveWorks expanded into larger stores, carried more products, and opened locations in Lake Charles and Houston. Today each store stocks over 4,000 products and 5,000 videos.

The early years were unique because the reputation and image of adult stores was quite different from today. LoveWorks was one of the early pioneers who created “female-friendly” adult boutiques in an effort to change the public perception of stores who sold items for adults. Couples and females are comfortable browsing at LoveWorks.

Store employees are required to attend LoveWorks “University” and this education allows employees to be familiar with and explain the products in detail, assuring customers they are making the right purchase. None of the employees earn commission; they are there to serve you, helping you choose the right product at a fair price.

LoveWorks, a pioneer in the adult store industry, has been selling on the internet since 1998. To put that in perspective, Google went online in 1997, and Target didn’t sell online until 1999.

Although people want to see and touch the items before buying and ensure their purchase consists of quality products, sometimes that isn’t possible. LoveWorks website provides all the same quality products you’ll find in the stores. The website includes in-depth product descriptions, product reviews written by trained store employees, and the same guarantee you’ll find in the stores.

LoveWorks realized the internet would be an extension of the brick-and-mortar stores and created the online store to work in tandem with the locations in Louisiana and Houston. Although customers prefer to come into the stores and shop, employees noticed the online orders are shipped to locations too far to make a personal visit possible. LoveWorks successfully serves customers online and offline and will continue to serve for years to come.

Sometimes the fear of low quality or defective items has encouraged shoppers to buy personal items exclusively in brick-and-mortar stores, avoiding the inconvenience and delay of returning items by mail, and the risk of not receiving a credit or replacement; however, LoveWorks has consistently earned the trust of customers who shop online.

25 years later, LoveWorks is still known as the store with the best trained staff who desire to sell the best product possible to each and every customer. LoveWorks Rolling RabbitsBecause employees attend “LoveWorks University” and do not earn commission, they suggest the best item for the customer’s needs. If you are near a local near a brick-and-mortar location, you may have seen our employees wheeling around in cars with the LoveWorks “Got Rabbits?” theme. The “Rolling Rabbits” are proud to show they work for the funnest toy store around.

LoveWorks participates in the community, including the world-famous Mardi Gras, and other community celebrations and events. The community sees LoveWorks as a respected business catering to couples, women, and men.

LoveWorks: pioneers in the industry, active in the community, and owned locally twenty-five years and counting.

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Loveworks Lingerie Store
700 E Prien Lake Rd Lake Charles, LA 70601




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