First Crypto Currency Coin with a Total Supply 42 Coins

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42coin-officialA new crypto-currency made its name in the Bitcoin alternatives community known as 42 Coin. This is currently the highest priced crypto-currency to enter into 2014, and will continue to be for a very long time.  This virtual coin was created only three short weeks ago with a mark in history books. A single 42 coin averages about $300,000.00 USD per coin.  Earlier, someone on twitter did some calculations that 42 coin increased the crypto-currency average from $13.94/per coin to 3,140.09 USD/per coin because of 42 coin.

Highest Valued Crypto Coin: 42 ~ The Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything

The premise behind 42 is its rarity with only 42 coins to ever be created.  It only takes 42 seconds to confirm a payment transaction, and this brings ease to both senders or receivers providing reassurance that transactions have been successful.  Transaction time has been a known issue with Bitcoin, which could take 15 minutes up to hours before a transaction is complete; however, 42 coin has solved this problem.  The development team says, “At some point, we expect 42 being traded for high priced assets like vehicles, houses and properties, and collector’s memorabilia.” 42, the number, has a long history of being known to carry out 1000x the value (For Example) Jackie Robinsons collectables such as the Glove Mr. Robison once wore that sold for $700,000 USD[1].  You can only expect 42 coin increasing its value once all coins have mined off of the network which the expected time is about 11 months.   This crypto currency gives early investors a huge advantage that 42 coin will be a collector’s item in the near-future, and it certainly can be traded for higher than usual value due to its limited supply.  42 coin was traded at a high of 2000 BTC per 42 coin and a low of about 1500 BTC. At the time of this reporting, Bitcoin was trading at about $850 bitcoins per 42 coin when Business Insider released its news announcement introducing 42 to the financial and business community.

Bitcoin (BTC) Satoshi Validation

Satoshi Nakamoto invented Bitcoin and coindesk[2] elaborates in details.  The 42 coin team made this statement, “We wanted to prove the argument that it Satoshi’s theory of having Bitcoin use lower range numbers is still useful, so we pushed it to the limits with 42 because there will most likely never be a complete 1.0 send/receive transaction and if it does, this will be very rare.”  Some People say they don’t like how Bitcoin has many 0’s behind the decimal points to equal any transaction value, and 42 coin’s theory was to prove that bitcoin has a good reason to have supply circulation after the decimal points and how 42 still holds great value against Bitcoin and other alternative currencies without a ton of supply.

42 Coin’s crypto-currency launch started off as a simple experiment, and the goal is to give early adopters the ability to mine as much as possible before all 42 coins have generated.  At the moment of writing this press release, 42 coin is still known as being very rare, validating bitcoin’s financial systems, and highest valued crypto currency at the time of writing this post. There will one day be large values being traded with 42 coin, and only those who were apart of the regime for 2014 will experience higher value off little amounts of coins in their position. Want to get started with 42 Coin? Find out how to buy BTC and buy 42 Coin and search[3] about mining 42 with scrypt.

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