Satoshi Nakamoto’s Bitcoin is worth Less than 42 Coin

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Crypto Market Research has discovered a new Alternative to Bitcoin, known as 42 Coin. 42 Coin is currently worth over 100x more than Bitcoin, and it is the highest valued Crypto Currency today. The premise behind 42 Coin is its rarity with only 42 coins to ever be created, anyone with a computer can easily join the network to start mining, accepting and sending 42 coin payments for personal or business reasons.

42A42 Coin is similar to Bitcoin with its financial system and user friendly features that allows users to send and receive coins with anyone in the world using digital addresses created by the Network. In fact, anyone with a computer can begin sending and receiving coins without using a financial institution, and without paying for transaction fees.

In some initial tests, 42 was discovered to be 12x faster than Bitcoin and other Alternative Currencies because it only takes 42 seconds to confirm any payments, this brings ease to both senders and receivers providing reassurance that transactions have been successful. Transaction time has been a known issue with Bitcoin, which could take 15 minutes or even hours before a transaction is complete; however, 42 coin has solved that exact problem by keeping a 42 second confirmation time

Business Insider Talks to the Official Team

Business Insider released its news announcement on Jan. 14, 2014 introducing 42 to the financial and business community stating, “It’s called 42Coin, and one of them is already worth 1,000 Bitcoin, according to Cryptsy, which added the digital currency to its board yesterday. As of this afternoon, one Bitcoin was trading around $900, meaning one 42Coin is worth about $900,000. A full 42Coin has yet to be mined, and the prices are scaled up from the fractions of 42Coin that have been transacted (so don’t worry, no one has actually yet spent $900,000 on one of these babies).

Reported by Business Insider (Full Interview Here)

IBTimes UK Reports after its interview with 42 Coin

IBTimes UK, Published on Feb 4, 2014 from the official 42 statement “exchanged for valuable goods and services…[it] could be used towards gold or silver – this is actually in the works as we speak.” Full Interview:

The estimated time that all coins will be generated is about 10.5 months from today, so time is on the essence for 42 since Bitcoin will last another 40+ years before all 21 Million coins are mined.

42 Coin’s crypto-currency launch started off as a simple experiment, and the goal is to give early adopters the ability to mine as much as possible before all 42 coins have generated. At the moment of writing this press release, 42 Coin is still known as being very rare, validating Bitcoin’s financial systems, and highest valued crypto currency.

Anyone looking to get started in mining 42 Coin, spending it, or simply holding it as a collector’s item can do so by grabbing the open source free software at – it’s really that simple for anyone to get started with 42 Coin @ the official

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