Achieve high yield with a reasonable sand production line

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Achieve high yield with a reasonable sand production line

Hongxing machine is a professional production factory for sand production line and stone production line; experts pointed out that with good design and constantly updated technical selling point, and tie on the price performance of the advantages, sand production line could attract more equipment provider of procurement demand, also maintain the user’s interest and firm the users’ belief in selecting products.
Sand production line is also known as sand and gravel production line; it is mainly composed of Jaw crusher, Sand making machine, Vibrating screen, Sand washing machine, and belt conveyor. Sand maker is new crusher uniquely combining stone at stone and stone at iron principle, making sand making production lines more efficient and lower cost. According to the diminishing status of the natural sand, our company develops the sand making machine, dedicated to the production of artificial sand, with advantages of refined grain shape, adjustable fineness modulus and low cost. Using Impact crusher for secondary crushing and the Sand maker for shaping can avoid the drawbacks of bad size in separately using back-breaking, having advantages of small wear, good product size, simple maintenance, low running costs, especially for crushing high hardness stone such as granite and basalt.
We use sand making products, the basic flow of the sand production line can mainly be divided as follows: First, preliminary crushing stone by the coarse crusher, then, the coarse material is conveyed by the belt conveyor to the crushing machine for further crushing, the stone after crushing into vibrating screen can screen out two stones and meet the feed size demand; the other part of the material back into the machine for fine crushing. Adopting Sand making production line with high configuration will reduce production and enhance the quality for sand making production line has high degree of automation, low operating costs, large crushing rate, energy saving, large output, less pollution, easy maintenance, meet the national standards for building sand, uniform particle size and grain shape.


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