How to correctly transform dryer to increase output

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How to correctly transform dryer to increase output

In order to increase production and reduce the energy consumption of the equipment, the experts at home and abroad have done a lot of research for the dryer machine. However, many manufacturers last transformation effect is not ideal, cannot increase production and even shorten the service life, easy to wear the cylinder liner, as well as damage situation under the barrel and dryer head. This is mainly because many manufacturers focus only on the partial transformation of the dryer when making dryer transformation and ignore the overall balance of the entire dryer system.
When dryer is running, we must first pay attention to the balance among wind, fire and materials. In order to make the dryer after the transformation reach the highest yield, it is necessary to determine the balance of wind, fire and materials; first determine the impact of specifications model transformation and whether dust ventilation is matched with dryer and combustion furnace for heat size. Second, pay attention to the operation. Feeding should be uniform, cannot make too large fluctuations of the water; ventilation and dust removal equipment running normally to guarantee wind and air pressure are balanced; timely adjust the temperature of the heat source and the furnace temperature and exhaust gas temperature should be stable.
Ventilation equipment will directly affect the yield of the dryer, the dust ventilation equipment with large processing air volume is preferred. The feed end of the dryer must ensure that there is a certain negative pressure, so that high temperature gas of the combustion furnace can be timely produced suction dryer and take heat exchange with wet materials, so as to achieve the bake dry purposes.
It is also very important for the dryer internal transformation. In the transformation of the internal structure of the dryer, we should according to material and supporting precipitator.


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