Drying technology is in experimental science category

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Drying technology is in experimental science category

Modern drying machinery drying technology has 100 years of development history, but still belongs to the category of experimental science. Most of the drying technology is still lack of precise guidance practice scientific theory and design methods. Therefore, before the construction of industrial drying device, especially the larger device, we must take full and convincing experiment and make the experimental results as the basis for the design of industrial installations. This is a notable feature of the drying technology applications. In practical applications, relying on experience and small-scale experimental data to guide the industrial design is still the main way; the reason for this situation has the following aspects:
First, some of the basic disciplines that drying machinery and equipment drying technology rely on (mainly disciplines affiliated pass engineering areas) have the characteristics of experimental science. For example, aerodynamics research and development also relies on a “wind tunnel” experiments to promote it, it shows that it has not been out of the scope of experimental science, and it directly impact on the level of development of the basic disciplines and determine the level of development of the drying technology.
Second, the dryer drying process is a variety of disciplines intersection, involving a wide range of factors change and complex mechanism. For example, in the field of spray drying techniques, the running track of the atomized droplets in the drying tower is the key to the design of the works. The trajectory of the droplet is related to the volume, quality, and the initial velocity and direction and the other surrounding the droplets as well as the hot air flow and the flow rate. But these parameters all the time occur with the change. Obviously, for such a complex and changing process, only by virtue of the theoretical calculations for engineering design is not reliable.
Third, the types of materials to be dried are varied, and their physicochemical properties are also different. Even if the different materials in the same dryer under dry conditions, the mass transfer, heat transfer rate may also have a greater difference. If you do not treat it differently, it may cause undesirable consequences.


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