Facts about horse racing and racehorse owners

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Thoroughbred horses are raced together in trials of speed on a flat track or on which is termed steeplechase race the location where the racing horses are required to hop over obstacles put in their path. Racehorse owners go to extreme lengths to preserve the bloodlines of winning thoroughbred horses, because racing horses performances are linked to their owners building a fortune from their winning streaks or lose a lot of money entirely. Often there is a thin line between winning and losing.

Horse racing may be an extremely interesting game for neutral observers sitting at home or on the tracks watching and drinking some iced tea, but could be a very heartrending and heart stopping experience for other people who have bet their lifetime savings on a particular horse. Race betting may either make one a king’s ransom or make you a pauper within a few gallops as with every other gambling game. People collect exciting data with regards to a particular horse and strongly believe this very horse can beat all other thorough bred and equally good breeds in a competitive horse race. For this reason real pressure may come to bear around the poor animals which are pumped effortlessly sorts of performance enhancing drugs, some legal, some not so much, just to win races.

It is interesting to cover that there are currently a 9,500 race horse owners and around 50,000 other people who own race horse owners through various ownership structures. These horse races provide employment to shut to 70,000 jobs among that the betting industry takes 42,000. In 2004/5 alone bookmakers in the uk racing made profits over 1 billion pounds. The tax revenues generated for that government in British racing alone inside the same year was 288 million pounds. All these interesting facts about horse racing goes a considerable ways to prove quite heights this very sport has risen to and the amount of money it generates for that owners, co-owners, bookmakers, the betting community and the government in general.

Racing horses as a sport has always been with us beginning with the Egyptian empire history has it. It trickled right down to the Greek and Roman eras where chariot horses are raced for entertainment purposes. To be able to win races, powerful horses were identified and mated to produce a bloodline of strong racing horses.

We can’t talk about racing horses rather than talk about the individuals who sit in the harness and direct the horses. These people are called jockeys that are very skilled and most of the times share a particular bond with the horses they ride. They’re a key section of the outcome of any horse race. Therefore, owners choose their jockeys meticulously.

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