Insider Secrets to Buying Perfect Tires in Lancaster PA

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There are some secrets that will help when you are ready for that next tire purchase. You can use the information to choose the right tires for any vehicle.

Why should you be concerned about finding the best tires? Saving money may be at the top of most lists, but your personal safety should be the main reason. Match the right tire to a vehicle and you increase the safety level of both drivers and passengers.

In regard to a good selection of  tires Lancaster PA  auto owners have many options available. There are standard radials, low-profile tires, truck tires, snow tires and a wide variety of customized tires available. With more than one tire design to choose from it is important to understand some of the finer points associated with purchasing a new set of wheels to put on your car.

A reputable dealer can inspect your tires regularly and let you know when they need to be rotated or replaced. Standard guidelines call for tires to be removed when the depth of tread measures one-sixteenth of an inch. Most experts would suggest that tires be replaced before this much tread wear has taken place. If the tread on your tires is already measuring an eighth of an inch you should replace them in the very near future.

Compare the features of the tires Lancaster PA shop owners are offering. Of course you want quality and value for your money. You also need to consider the traction, handling and safety factors that each tire will bring to the table. There is literature from the manufacturers that you should read, and you can also check consumer report guides for first-hand accounts of how each brand performs when subjected to actual driving conditions.

When purchasing tires Lancaster PA residents should always do a little comparison shopping. Any time you are comparing the price for tires you need to factor in any extra costs related to tire disposal fees, change-outs, valves and balancing.

There are some letters that indicate the type of speed rating the tire has been given. These ratings are related to how well the tire can handle higher heat temperatures under certain driving conditions. If you only do a small amount of driving around town a tire with an “S” rating could prove adequate. For those drivers who will spend long hours on the highways the speed rating should be a “T” or an “H”.

PA consumers often purchase a different type of tire for use during the winter months. There are all-weather tires available that can handle almost any type of weather condition. However, the tires that are constructed specifically for use in sleet and snow will provide better performance and deliver better traction under these adverse conditions.

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