Install security doors at your residence

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Doors constitute an important role in providing security to your house, office and every other place in which you have placed important assets. Besides this door also play an essential in providing peace of mind in banks, malls and factories, however doors set up in banks plus malls differ from regular doors which are installed at our homes. It might be important to mention here that doors installed in banks and offices are provided with necessary security measures. The security doors (säkerhetsdörrar) installed at offices integrates alarm facility inside them and as soon as anyone tries to break lick system for these doors alarm starts blowing. An interesting feature of these doors is that they are directly associated with your local police control room so that as soon every thief enters forcefully police control gets its information and they can immediately reach in the place and take situation under their control and prevent your assets from reach of thieves. These doors are made according European safety standards EN ENV 1627 or SS 817345 th standard that is standard of strengthening capacity of door to face any forceful attempts of breaking it. Another worth mentioning feature of such doors is because they are noise resistance as a result of being integrated with stairwell Rw Rw 35 dB or 40dB. These doors have warranty of 5 years for controlling stealing.

Another kind of security doors (säkerhetsdörrar) that’s commonly used is fire doors (branddörrar). These types of doors are thought necessary in hospitals, schools, colleges, office as well as other places where huge pair of database is maintained where masses smoke at same time. Fire Entry way (BY) are created to meet requirement of the place where you will find intense likelihood of fire accidents. Material used in construction of such doors is primarily steel which increases durability of these doors.

The price mentioning top features of security doors (säkerhetsdörrar) is that apart from being supporting as steal resistant these doors are designed according to EN 1627 Resistance Class 3 European standard. Together with design of these doors adds additional craze towards these doors. this is due to of this these doors installed at each place including houses, offices, banks, malls, schools and also at every place where security if prime responsibility.

Besides being installed at main doors security doors (säkerhetsdörrar) and fire doors (branddörrar) may also be installed on windows thus preventing your valuable assets from all options of burglary rather than giving any choice to thieves in making any kind of forceful entrance within your house. Material used in output of fire doors (branddörrar) involves use of timber, steal, gypsum, vermiculite and glass. In this manner security doors Stockholm (säkerhetsdörrar Stockholm) provides complete security property of Swedish people.

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