The introduction of gravity concentration process

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The introduction of gravity concentration process

With the growing awareness of the environment protection, the costs and maximum recovery are no longer the only considerations for plant design. Efficient, effective and environment allowed process, coupled with the understanding of the maximum recovery lead to the best economic benefits consideration today. The gravity concentration is without coarse particles degrees limit, it is assumed that the mineral room dissociation so the tailings can be excluded in the case as thick as possible, thereby reducing the need for grinding energy. In addition, the pharmacy is not required. Tailings emissions and waste purification is simplified, not only reduces main costs, but also reduces the environmental costs.
The gravity concentration process by iron ore concentrator

Ore gravity concentration process is composed of a series of successive operations. The nature of the job can be divided into the preparation work, sorting job, product processing operations three parts.
(1) Preparing job, including
a: crushing and grinding, so that useful minerals get monomer dissociation;
b: washing off the mud to more plastic or clay ore;
c: select ore particle size classification by sieving or hydraulic classification method, which conducive to improve the efficiency of the sorting.
(2) sorting operations: it is the main link of the ore sorting.
(3) product processing operations, it refers to the concentrate dewatering, tailings conveying and stockpiling.
The gravity concentration equipment:
The modern mineral required equipment must have the following characteristics:
(1) Large handling capacity, modern mineral processing has objective requirements to create benefits of scale.
(2) Has significant effect on the micro-fine, especially for grade-01037mm grain size should be effective, the existing equipment can basically guarantee 01037mm fractions recovery.
(3) Relatively high enrichment, good sorting indicators.
(4) Low power consumption.
(5) The structure is simple, easy to maintain.

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