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Little Leroy was being affected by his algebra homework and visited his dad frustrated and anguished saying “dad, I believe I’m going to fail this algebra test.” His father replied, son don’t say that, think positively. Leroy looked his dad in the eyes and said “I’m positive that I’m likely to fail tomorrow’s algebra test.”

Once you hear statements like “be positive” or “think positively,” many shake their heads thinking, “Sure, but they don’t know how hard it’s to be positive in a negative world.” Not, but regardless of the world we live in; you can and may, do your very best to maintain an optimistic attitude.

Only ignorance indicate that life’s challenge-free. Unfortunately, ridiculous thoughts genuinely are promoted more and more through na?ve thought influencers who maintain when anything bad happens to you, then you must be attracting it – The Law of Attraction. Life is filled with a number of events. Whether or not they are good or bad depends on how you choose to look at things. The “good” or “bad” label comes from your interpretation and classification of something according to your beliefs, prior experiences, and attitude.

Often God allows challenges and bad experiences to take place in your life to bring you to a larger purpose and comprehension of life.
How many times have you heard someone say of a challenging life experience that it was the best thing that ever became of them? Boost the comfort; you’ve said that over and over again. And, I’m not discussing small problems, but folks turned your world inverted.

Your attitude is really a choice and something that you make every day. Think about the energy that you have over your personal happiness! That is the real key to a wonderful life – you can call the shots about how you’re going to interpret what hand you’re dealt in the game of life.
After two decades in school leadership, I’ve learned that a positive mental attitude is an essential quality of the leader since it sets the tone for exactly what follows. While a pacesetter certainly experiences her share of mistakes, challenges, and hard times, it’s imperative that the positive attitude be communicated regularly and consistently when we are watching so when they’re not.

Positive leadership makes everything flow more smoothly. It provides a sense of welcome, celebrate people want to open up and share, and most important, it’s contagious! Great leaders have positive attitudes.

In the event you really want to go anywhere like a leader, you must examine your attitude! Whatever attitude you accept within this economic uncertainty is really a critical factor in determining the failure or success of your organization as well as the subordinates that hold their rely upon you.

Understand that the attitude a leader has toward the way they view and take care of things, determines the results they produce. As long as a leader is viewing things negatively, they are going to get negative results.
Leaders shouldn’t let others govern their outcome. Leaders will need to have an “I can” attitude. Lots of people miss opportunities and promotions that God has for them because they let someone else influence their attitude.

Everyday leaders are tempted and challenged to look at a nasty or negative attitude. But don’t forget a nasty attitude never adds value to production in the work place. A positive attitude as to what you’re doing will always produce good results.

The results not just show up in the work place, but in one’s personal life as well as the lives of those being led. Positive leadership is effective in the family, ministry, or business.

Regardless of the many books on positive leadership that flood bookstores across the foundation of positive leadership is etched inside the Word of God.
“When the righteous will be in authority, individuals rejoice: however when the wicked rule, individuals mourn.” – Proverbs 29:2

A positive attitude in what you’re doing will always produce positive results. Click here to know more about Dr. David Jones.


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