Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Copywriter Swears He Will Never Work in Network Marketing Again

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AUSTIN, TEXAS, Dec 31, 2012 — Courtney James Houde, the copywriter best known for writing web copy for Mike Dillard and Tim Erway, the co-founders of the million dollar Magnetic Sponsoring Internet marketing empire, has now gone into business for himself as a freelance website copywriter. He has launched his new writing services website at: http://www.courtneycopywriter.com

Magnetic Sponsoring is a multi-million dollar training company that teaches business owners in Network Marketing how to market their business online.

The break from Magnetic Sponsoring was a surprise to longtime subscribers of the Magnetic Sponsoring Newsletter in early 2012. But not much was heard from Courtney James after he left Magnetic Sponsoring until now. He has been replaced by Vitaly Grinblat as Editor of the Magnetic Sponsoring Newsletter. The Magnetic Sponsoring Newsletter goes out to 80,000+ subscribers through email each week.

There were rumors that Courtney James left Magnetic Sponsoring because of lingering issues he had dealing with his father’s untimely death in April 2011. Or that he left because of some conflict with Mike Dillard himself. But this was all idle speculation. He has taken the time to clarify that “this just wasn’t the case” and that he had been thinking of moving on from the company for some time.

He explains, “I love Mike Dillard, Tim Erway, and the team. We had a lot of good times together. I left Magnetic Sponsoring and took a year off writing because I needed a break and now that my batteries are recharged I’m looking for new clients.”

The writer has confessed that he will probably not be writing copy in the Network Marketing niche again for personal reasons. In part due to the non-compete contract he signed with Magnetic Sponsoring in 2009. That may come as a shock to many of his subscribers who were hoping for his return.

The good news is that he is now taking on new clients. To hire Courtney James to write your web copy please visit: http://www.courtneycopywriter.com

About Courtney James Houde:

Courtney James Houde, is a web copywriter and marketing consultant, best known for the daily emails he wrote for Magnetic Sponsoring, a company which has produced over 9 million dollars in sales revenue since it’s inception. In 2012 he left Magnetic Sponsoring to freelance full-time. He has a track record for producing sales in some of the most competitive niche markets in the world. With experience in the network marketing, affiliate marketing, and Internet marketing niche.

If you would like more information about this topic, or would like to schedule an interview with Courtney James Houde, please call Courtney at 1-705-303-2532 or e-mail Courtney at courtneyhoude@gmail.com

Contact: Courtney James Houde
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Email: courtneyhoude@gmail.com

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