The Body builders Use Exercise Programsas Six Pack Shortcuts

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Bodybuilding is a sport related to serious exercise. By physical exercise, the bodybuilders increase their muscle mass and make up a beautiful body line. Gaining and keeping muscles in good shape is not always easy and requires working out and particular diet. Bodybuilders are following certain workout plans such as the six pack shortcuts. Sixpackshortcuts or Mike Chang SPS, because it is called sometimes, is such typical bodybuilding program utilized by some professionals.

The very first bodybuilder was Eugen Sandow. He was a circus actor, in the end of 19-th century who performed lifting weights. Soon it appeared the people are a lot more impressed together with his muscle tissue then the immeasureable weight he used to lift so Sandow started showing his muscles in various postures and became a star. He followed the traditional Greeks criteria for a well-built body by analyzing the measurement of the Greek sculptures and seeking to recreate them by exercising.

The first significant bodybuilding competition was conducted at Madison Square Garden, New York in 1904. The champion, Al Treloar, took part in a film showing his workout program. Later, the sport gained more popularity among all types of athletes as a way to maintain strength.

In 1977 the film Pumping Iron was released attracting attention from the audience to the bodybuilding sport. The star of the film was Arnold Schwarzenegger; the story line was associated with his competition with Lou Ferrigno. This era is also known as a starting in the usage of anabolic steroids not just by the bodybuilders but by athletes involved in other sports too.

At some point one group of bodybuilders separated as natural bodybuilders. The main reason was all of the issues steroid drugs raised for the health of the athletes as well as because of the societal knowning that the bodybuilders were some kind of muscle monsters. The natural bodybuilders depend on physic exercises and much more normal appearance instead of other methods.
The professional bodybuilders have to earn “pro-card” in order to take part in professional competitions. This also allows them to have a sponsor and produce money from the tournaments.

The very first bodybuilding for women was conducted after 1970s. In 1985 second part of the Pumping Iron movie where women bodybuilders were filmed, was released. The situation for the female bodybuilding soon became like the one with the men. There’s a new type of competitions for female athletes with a more natural look and muscle tissue.

Before the competition the bodybuilders go through specific program for reducing the body fats. It requires around three months and it has to be balanced so no muscles will disappear. Another method is attempting to gain muscle tissue without allowing a rise of the body fats. These processes are very complex and require careful planning on the yearly basis and also a special regime with exercises for the specific muscle groups such as the six pack shortcuts.

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