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Texas, USA – For the expansion of their business, often businessmen need to make purchase of commercial properties. Refinancing of commercial properties can be made possible through a reputed commercial mortgage lender who offers better terms and rates for the hard money commercial Real Estate Loan that the business badly needs and the loan that can make the business flourish, meet all business goals that the businessman has. A commercial real estate loan is different from the residential real estate loan.

The difference lies in the collateral; i.e. the security which in the case of commercial real estate loans is business building whereas in the case of residential loan, it is a residential property. Another difference is that commercial real estate mortgage loans are borrowed by a business entity rather than an individual. Business owners can enjoy a number of benefits by borrowing a commercial real estate loan from a trusted lender. Some of the major benefits that a good commercial real estate loan company can provide to a borrower are asset appreciation, tax benefits, controlling overhead expenses.

Nowadays there are many providers of commercial real estate loans operating online and one such provider that has been able to win the confidence of its clients through its credible services is This company is a globally-reputed provider of private equity real estate hard money loans as well as bridge loans. The company adopts Capital Direct Funding method to provide the hard money real estate commercial loan in order to help both domestic as well as international clients.

The mission of the company is to help businessmen buy properties for the growth of their business with ease even in the unstable economic climate of the present times. through its hard money real estate commercial direct funding loan aims at helping people fight back the terrible blow or set back that the world economy has suffered due to the 2007 economic recession. Now the world economy is recovering from the blow and companies like are setting completely new standards allowing the economy to recover.

The Key Features of the Commercial real estate loan offered by the company are:

• Limitless cash out

• Par pricing

• Brokers are completely protected

• Amortization schedules are highly flexible

• Borrowers don’t have to pay any fine in case of pre-payments

• Borrowers can receive as much as 90% LTV

• Exciting non-recourse feature

‘I wanted to buy 50 acres for the expansion of my apparel factory and was looking for a trustworthy commercial real estate loan provider. I searched online, found and their services took my business one step up’ says one who benefited from the Company’s services. For more info visit

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