specialized in selling the SFP Module products compatible with Cisco SFP

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It is said that they only sell $59 by 10Gtek brand through the online selling method, while the SFP+ transceiver priced at $1050 by Cisco company. offers quality guarantee that distinguishes its products from the counterfeiting in the market. The transceiver of is mainly purchased from the global leading supplier of transceiver & twinax cable (10Gtek Transceiver Co., Ltd).

It is reported that the value of monthly deliveries reached to $0.5-1 million while their competitor with a longer history, which monthly deliveries reached to over $5 million.

One of the market report believed that the value of counterfeit Cisco Transceiver in the domestic of USA had reached to  SFP  about $10 million. As a emerging market method, is balancing the reliable and legal quality and the demands of market with low cost.

The following are the best-seller products in

- SFP-10G-SR
- SFP-10G-LR
- OMXD30000
- J4858C
- J9151A
- J9054B
- J4859A’s SFP Transceivers are not  SFP+  only compatible with Cisco SFP, but also with Huawei, H3C, HP, Allied Telesis, AlcateI-Lucent, Foundry, Force10, Juniper, Extreme, Brocade, Blade D-Link, Linksys, Marconi, McAfee.

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