Specifying the Development Features of Mining Industry

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To make scientific and technological progress in gravel industry, Hongxing Mining Machinery has introduced advanced technology from home and abroad to meet the demand of the domestic market. The leading products in our company are crushing equipment, sand making machine, mobile crushing station, and grinding mill which are widely used in mining, building materials, roads, bridges, coal, chemical, metallurgy, refractoriness and other industries. We constantly develop new product, from hydraulic jaw crusher to strong counterattack crusher, from PCL impact crusher to VIS crusher, our large crushing machinery has become pillar equipment employed in the construction of highway, railway, high-rise buildings, municipal engineering, and hydroelectric dam construction and so on.

Our impact crusher is featured with large particle size and average final product size. Hongxing provides different type of impact crusher used in limestone production. Our impact breaker is good in quality and after sale service. Limestone is the main material in making cement, lime and calcium carbide, and it is also the indispensable flux limestone in smelting industry. After crushing and grinding, the limestone is widely used in many fields in our society. As the indispensable raw material in modern society, it is also non-renewable resources. Therefore, to efficiently utilize it is the basis of industrial progress and sustainable development. The physical properties of limestone is small hardness, brittleness, combined with the limestone production line ‘multi-break less milling’ in limestone crushing stage to try to produce the best granularity, so impact crusher is the most suitable for crushing equipment for limestone in the production line.

In actual production, the impact crushing machine is also mainly used in limestone crushing production line. The features of the machines are: crushing chamber to receive the bulk material and make it broken, not compacted material crusher overload; squeeze interval of time the material can pass through freely, processing capacity; under the premise of a certain output particle size and processing capacity to ensure minimum power and liner consumption; material particle size is uniform and large capacity.

The crushing process is mainly as follows: the freedom crushing stage, during which the material is propelled into the crushing chamber and is immediately subjected to the impact of the high-speed board hammer mutual impact between materials, board hammer and material, and material friction between the role of the crushing cavity material to be broken, and at the same kinetic energy, high speed toward the back plate material and the back plate collision once again broken after being bounced back to the role of the board hammer area, re-board hammer impact. And so forth, from the plane until it was broken into the desired particle size.

According to market surveys, the majority of enterprises in the limestone production line most will choose hammer crusher. We know that the hammer crusher impact crusher, with a small size, processing capacity, the economy is good, etc… Then, using the back-breaking carried limestone crusher hammer crusher and what advantage? Compared with hammer crusher, impact crusher broken than the larger, and more fully utilize the high-speed impact energy of the whole rotor. Impact crusher is regarded as professional crusher equipment praised by users.

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