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December 20, 2012 6:22 AM25 commentsViews: 19 has released a list of business ideas that have been put forward as some of the cheapest business ideas to take up in 2013. These 2013 low cost business ideas are those that have a lot of scope and promise to become quite famous by next year.

When starting a business, one would have to make sure that it is a service or a product that is popular and is something that people would want. They would also have to make sure that the cost of the business is not too high so that they can start the business unhindered. In 2013, the following are going to be some of the biggest areas of business.

- Social media consultancy: This is the field in which one would work with social media websites, such as Facebook or Twitter. There is no denying that these websites have become really popular. They have also turned into websites that are really good for people who are looking for a business to start. These websites would require some consultants to figure out what their sales pitch is going to be or even to decide what their new mobile app or their new layout should possess. Social media consultants would just have to come up with a strategy for the website; which is why it promises to be one of the cheapest businesses around.

- Web analytics: There is a lot of data going around on websites and one would certainly have to interpret it to find out whether or not the website is functioning well and to find out what needs to be done. In such a situation, a web analyst would be required. Website owners might not really know where to find the data or how to interpret it, but the web analyst would certainly know how to do the same, which is why it is a necessary and upcoming field of business.

- Translators: The internet is rapidly shrinking boundaries and bringing countries and people closer and closer together. In such a situation, one has no option but to ensure that there are enough translators around to make sure that all countries understand what they are saying to each other! These translators can work for websites or even for people. They can do this full time, by going to an office or they can do it online.

- Reputation management: The last in the list of 2013 low cost business ideas is reputation management. This is the process through which the online reputation of companies and websites are maintained; rumours and potentially harming thoughts are controlled. This is promising to be quite an important field of work, for free speech and the popularity of websites is increasing all around the world.

These are some of the best low cost business ideas for 2013. To read more about them, in detail, one can visit the website,

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