Freespot Allow Businesses To Make Profits Through Selling Their Wifi Connection

December 6, 2012 4:48 AM0 commentsViews: 9

Freespot is a new innovative and revolutionary service which allows consumers to take advantage of their Wifi connections to make profits. The idea behind Freespot is that business owners and even homeowners can earn money through selling their wifi space to customers who are looking for an internet connection.

The idea behind Freespot is that businesses will be able to offer free wifi to their users and customers in exchange for their contact details. Apart from being a great way to build leads and start building a list of customer information, Freespot also allows businesses to take advantage of the payment model associated with charging for using a wifi service.

Businesses are able to sell access to their wifi connection through using Freespot. Currently, consumers often expect wifi related services from cafes, restaurants, pubs or anywhere else which they visit regularly. Businesses who do not have a wifi service are severely missing out on the opportunity to capture a huge audience.

The great thing about Freespot is that businesses are able to offer a ‘free trial’ period and then charge for the service afterwards. Apart from that, selling and offering a wifi connection through Freespot will ultimately bring more customers through the door – which can then go onto purchase goods or services. Freespot have developed a win/win situation.

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