Introduction to Some Knowledge of Roller Crusher

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Henan Hoxngxing is a major mining and crushing machine manufacturer in China. It is specializes in the manufacture of large and medium-sized mineral processing equipment, metallurgy equipment,and construction machinery. Since our inception, we have continuously sought out the most highly skilled managers and technicians to join our team. Through a modern managerial approach, we can accumulate management and production experience. This is how Henan Hoxngxing has become a technically-advanced mining crusher-machine manufacturer in China. Currently, we have over 880 staff members, 138 intermediate and senior engineers, and 200-plus technicians. Our company is located in Henan, where we are in close proximity to an international port, highways, and airports, for convenient transportation. This enables us to reduce our manufacturing cost; and also save our customers on international shipping.

Roll crusher Work Notes

1) Make sure magnetic separator to work. Non-crushing material (solder first class materials) fall between the roller crusher damage, resulting in parking accident. It should be installed in front of crushing iron device.

2) The viscous material easy to plug the crushing space, plug in the treatment failure should be stop treatment, can not be stabbed in the operation of the mine.

3) When the roll crusher with bulk materials handling more, pay attention to large deposits easily squeezed out from the crushing space to prevent injuries or damage to equipment.

4) Roll Crushers run a long time, due to the roll surface wear large, too small particle size will cause, when the port of discharge should adjust or repair the equipment.

5) Enhancing the roll crusher parts inspection, parts of the crusher lubrication oil on time, keep the equipment well lubricated condition.

Roll crusher working principle

Roll Crusher is made up of two cylindrical rolls which are installed horizontally. The two rolls rotate in different directions, materials fall on top of the rollers and enter crushing chamber under the action of roll surface friction to be crushed by the rollers, and the final product is discharged from outlet. The crushing process is continuous. The crusher has strong discharging force, so even wet materials can also be discharged.

Roll Crusher disadvantages

Roll Crusher is characterized by the material between two rollers, only one pressure, so too was less crushing. Roll crusher features simple structure, reliable, compact and lightweight, low cost, easy maintenance, etc., and uniform particle size crushing, grinding too small, fine particle size. Therefore, brittle materials and for handling viscous materials containing small soil processing plant, as used in the crushing. The disadvantage is that processing power is low.

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