Jamie McDonald – All Pro Eating Champion on The Rise

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Probably the most upcoming challengers you need to follow in terms of All Pro Eating competitions is Jamie McDonald. This rookie is easily learning to be a big name within this sport. He finds challenging the undefeated champions his personal goal with regards to entering these man versus food contests.

What you are able not be conscious of and surprised to learn is the fact that Jamie McDonald can be a bodybuilder. Jamie usually eats healthy when not participating in a fried pie eating contest or donut eating contest. He usually uses the same kind of training he makes use of in training for bodybuilding to organize for any competition.

Jamie McDonald loves competitions a lot which he even took time to participate in a single to boost money for your victims of storm Sandy. A hotdog eating contest he called “bear vs man”, and he challenged the general public to obtain involved. His goal was twenty chilidogs in twenty minutes. He were able to scarf down twenty-four. One other competitors have got to about fifteen chilidogs, not nearly, as much as the champion eater did. An estimate donation from the contest to the relief fund is about $2,000.

Jamie MacDonald makes it a hobby to enter competitions. A few of the competitions he has won include not only eating twenty-four chili dogs in 20 minutes, but gobbling down twenty seven tacos in five minutes, and managing to eat thirty three slices of pumpkin pie inside a world pumpkin pie eating championship. He has won twenty away from twenty-five competitions now getting ready for the big league, the wing bowl 2013.

This year will be wing bowl 21, and may make Jamie McDonald a household name when it comes to All Pro Eating contests. Last year’s wing bowl champion was Takeru Kobayashi, who ate 337 total wings. Jamie McDonald knows Takeru well as Jamie is recognized as directly behind Takeru on this sport. Many think his objective of defeating the champion is achievable.

Jamie McDonald is well on his method to located on top with other champions, like joey chestnut who’s also a world champion eater and won the wing bowl in 2009. Like the previous wing bowls, and wing bowl 21, is really a band of competitors who’ll bond and eat as much wings they could in the least period of time. The final one who stays eating will probably be awarded the grand prize. As time gets nearer to this man v food competition, many fans is going to be cheering on Jamie to find out if this is the important win that will catapult him in the top of this engulfing sport. All eyes is going to be watching this newcomer to ascertain if he is able to dethrone the wing champion.

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