National Graphite Corp. (OTCQB:NGRC) is pleased to announce the results of testing

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LAS VEGAS – National Graphite Corp. (OTCQB:NGRC) is pleased to announce the results of testing and analysis of a field sample collected by William Feyerabend, CPG a qualified independent geologist. The sample was taken to demonstrate the presence and grade of the graphite on the Company’s Chedic/Voltaire Property in Nevada. Graphite carbon analyses of the material by SGS North America Inc. yielded a grade of 7.0% graphite
Feyerabend directly oversaw the ultrasonic treatment of the sample material which yielded a dark gray powder with graphene characteristics. The field sample material was sieved to -60 mesh, five grams were weighed out and put into a clean Teflon beaker of de-ionized water. The slurry was sonicated for 40 minutes with a Sonics brand Ultrasonic Processor Model VCF-1500 and then dried. The dried powder, which had a greasy feel to the touch, was sent directly to the SGS sample prep laboratory in Elko, NV. The analysis was done in Canada. Management is very pleased with the results which shows NGRC can convert graphite from the property into a graphene product through a simple and cost effective process.

Graphene is the natural arrangement of carbon atoms in sheets one atom thick. It has such unusual physical characteristics that it is being investigated by materials scientists for a whole new generation of products. Raw graphite is layered graphene. Natural flake graphite is a layered material. It consists of layers of tightly bound carbon atoms held together by weak van der Waal’s molecular forces. Ordinary pencil lead writes by shearing thru the weak forces and leaving layers of graphene which we see because graphene is opaque. In addition to opacity, graphene’s properties include nearly the strength of a diamond measured in the plane of the atoms, it can sustain electrical current densities six orders higher than copper, it shows record thermal conductivity, it is impermeable to gases and it combines lightness with flexibility. Because of those characteristics, graphene is a focus of nanomaterial research for use in new products such as solar cells, catalysts, displays, transistors, batteries, detectors, coatings and an additive in compounds. There has been considerable work done on how to prepare graphene for the research. The simplest method is simply to subject graphite in a liquid medium to ultrasound waves which disaggregate the graphite along the weak bonds into graphene slurry.

The Chedic/Voltaire Property consists of 35 unpatented mining claims covering approximately 1.1 square miles and is located about five miles southwest of Carson City, Nevada. The claims cover a graphite occurrence with minor historical production of material containing 30-50% carbon. The graphite is localized in metasediments along a granite/mafic dike contact. The soft graphitic material shows as an anomaly 1500 feet long and up to 70 feet wide on both self-potential and electromagnetic geophysical surveys. A technical report by Feyerabend is in progress and the Company has applied for the necessary drilling permits.

The technical information in this release has been prepared by William Feyerabend, CPG 11047, a Qualified Person.

About National Graphite Corp.

National Graphite Corp. (OTCQB:NGRC) is an American based graphite development company focused on bringing the Chedic Graphite Mine back into commercial production to supply the fast growing graphite mineral market. The mineral is used in the manufacture of Lithium-ion batteries and is considered critical to U.S. industry sectors like Consumer Electronics, Green Technology and Alternative Energy. National Graphite is committed to long-term sustainable graphite production within the North American market.

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