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JinFeng Glass machine company has launched a new website through which people will be able to find glass machines and glass sandblasting machines online. The company is based in Foshan City of Shunde District and they have been involved in this industry for quite a while now. Their machine and factory standards meet all norms as well.

The factory for the company is based in the Shiban Industrial Zone in Lunjiao Town- this is the most important glass machinery making town in all of China. Since 1998, the company has been producing glass machines, glass sandblasting machines, etc. which were initially sold only in China. Over the years, they have manage to expand their services and now they have established an international brand for themselves, through which they can sell their machines to other countries as well.

According to the website of the company itself, they believe in the attributes of “people- oriented”, “customer- first” and “innovation- and honesty” business plan. They have managed to expand their services from just mainland China to countries like India, America, Vietnam, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, Philippine, Chile, Egypt, etc. The company has enjoyed quite a good reputation so far and promises to maintain it as well. Business prospects of the company is quite high because they predominantly deal with countries that are industrialized in nature and would have a high demand for glass machines.

Those who are interested in buying glass glass machinery machines from the company can go to the company website, http://www.sdjf.net/ . This is where one can find more information about the company, the services they provide to those who purchase things from them and also the kind of things that one can buy from them. They have a large variety of glass machines- more than 50 of them, actually. Even if one has no idea what machine would be best for them, they could just browse around till they find the one that they need.

To know more about the company itself, visit the page, http://www.sdjf.net/ . One can also contact the company through the information glass machine given below for any clarifications.

Contact: Mr.Deng
Tel : +0086-0757-27732863
Mobile : + 0086-13702489682
Fax : + 0086-0757-2772 1881
Contact email: sales@sdjf.net
Website: http://www.sdjf.net/

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