Four Important Things You Should Not Forget When Learning How To Play Piano On Your Own

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So you would like to learn how to play a piano. First, decide how you would like to learn piano. Are you going to take up a formal piano course? Enrolling in a piano course would mean you have no choice but attend to it. If your schedule is loaded, this might not be ideal for you. However, you may choose to just get a personal piano teacher so you get to be the one who will make arrangements. Since this option is a more flexible, it can be a little expensive as well. If you want a cheaper alternative that is convenient at the same time, you can just learn on your own. It’s already easy to look for a piano program nowadays. One program that may catch your interest is Rocket Piano by Ruth Searle.

It is both convenient and inexpensive to be your own piano teacher. You will be able to learn whenever and wherever you want. You won’t have to pay so much just to learn piano as a reliable piano program will do all the teaching for you. You may encounter some learning difficulties given that self-studying requires more effort that being taught.
You are on your own. It would be easy for you to overlook details or misinterpret them. So make sure that you will use not only a comprehensive piano program but also user friendly as well. You actually have a lot of choices and some of them include Learn and Master Piano, Piano For All by Robin Hall and Piano Power Chords. You may want to check Learn & Master Piano Review at for more details.

Once you have made your pick, you have to stand by it and absorb every lesson its teaching you. Because you are self-studying, you have the tendency to take things lightly. If you’re not going to take your piano lessons seriously, you’ll never learn. You have to commit. Allot sometime for your study sessions. Make a schedule plan and stick to it. You should make it a point to learn something new every day or at least every week. Skipping lessons is very likely among self-study students. So remember to be patient. Don’t be in a hurry. See to it that you’re understanding your studying.

Learning the basics is just as important as applying the things you have learned. Your gained knowledge needs application. And don’t just practice. Ensure that you’re practicing the right way. Learning through a program won’t be so hard if you just get the right program that will make learning easier for you. Of course, your learning does not depend on the program alone. You need to commit to it first. Learn slowly but surely. Don’t put yourself into too much pressure by rushing your learning. Don’t move to another lesson if the previous lesson is not so clear to you yet. In order to confirm that you have indeed learn, you will need to practice so make time for it. You are bound to forget what you have learned if you’re not going to apply them so make it a point to apply whatever it is you’re learning.

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Be an Instant Expert Photographer with Learn and Master Photography

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There seems to be an onslaught of interest and enthusiasm for digital photography over the recent years. This is most likely the result of the inverse relation of the prices of digital cameras and the advances in the same’s technology. In any case, who wouldn’t want to have the ability to make pictures pop out of paper and have those same photos recreate moments very vividly, right? If you have a digital camera, don’t you think this skill is worth pursuing? Of course, it is not a secret that learning requires both time and money. One important contribution of technology is that it has provided with ways to better manage our time. Learn and Master Photography by Vince Wallace has certainly taken advantage of this. Learning photography becomes more possible with this kind of learning tool as you do not have to commit to a stringent schedule.

So what should you look for in basic digital photography lessons? Firstly, you would want to be equipped at setting up your digital camera. Get this: You really don’t have to own a DSLR to capture amazing pictures. Point-and-shoot nowadays are equipped with so many features that were previously accessible only through DSLRs. Unfortunately, you won’t know you have many of these features at arm’s length if you have never taken a course on digital photography basics. Getting to the basics would easily set you on your way to understanding your camera’s settings so you can get on with taking amazing pictures. Ever wonder what those ISO settings and white balance are for? Well one thing’s for sure, having a technical know-how on them would certainly change the way your pictures would come out. If you are ready to take lessons on digital photography basics, you can’t go wrong with the following resources: Your Guide to Digital Photography by Dan Feildman, Digital Wedding Secrets and Digital Photography Success by Amy Renfrey.

Taking amazing pictures isn’t just about tuning your camera settings or about your camera itself. Your body position, the way you hold your camera and how these will fare with the light available when you take the picture, among other things, all get to have a say on the end photo. If you want to learn how to do these elements right, you can search for digital photography free lessons online. There’s actually a few decent ones you can rely on to give you a crash course or two. Want more digital photography tips? Visit Digital Wedding Secrets Review at

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DJing Techniques: Top 4 Simple Beat Making Tips

It is now possible to create music mixes that closely resembles rap songs and party music through the DUBturbo. It is now possible to produce the best sound beats and sound waves with a fully functional Digital Audio Workstation or DAW. That is what makes this software beneficial and well known among music lovers. The traditional way of mixing and creating good music requires the utilization of expert human manipulation. This software allows you to create good music even if your skills are not at par with the experts. It also has the capacity of a recording studio. Practicing and recording your music outside the studio is now possible by using this software. The program includes use of virtual drum sets and other musical instruments.

Other similar software that you may want to check out is the Sonic Producer. It offers almost the same things as that of the first one. The program allows you to create your very own music. Now, you do not actually need to buy your instruments or rent them from a recording studio. If you want to create music using this program, then all you need to have is a computer. Nebula One, the software’s developer also offers their clients with an opportunity to get their money back within sixty days if they find the product unsuitable for them. For sure, once you try this one, you can’t help but not resist it.

You can try to read the Sonic Producer and the Product Comparisons at if you wish to know the products deeper. Not only will you learn more about the programs, you will also be able to access both the best and worst reviews given about them. Nothing will be kept from you. The reviews also tell the customers what the product ratings are and how much they cost. The reviews also provide you with a peek on what other people thought about the abovementioned beat machines. You will find both pros and cons there so that you will be able to weigh things out. The website of the company who sells the products can be accessed through the link provided in the reviews to allow you to verify the information that you have. These product reviews can all be accessed by checking out

Visit <a href="http://”>a great resource for more information. Reports Chiefs Drop Giants To 0-4: Kansas City Remains Unbeaten With 31-7 Win Reports Chiefs Drop Giants To 0-4: Kansas City Remains Unbeaten With 31-7 Win

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Even in a league known for quick turnarounds and breathtaking free-falls, this seems preposterous.

The Kansas City Chiefs, one season removed from a 2-14 debacle that cost the coach and general manager their jobs, are 4-0 after pounding the New York Giants 31-7 on Sunday. Only one other team, Detroit in 1980, has done it.

The Giants, the proud Super Bowl champions of 2007 and 2011 season, are 0-4 for the first time since 1987, a mass of injury and disarray.

Alex Smith threw three touchdown passes, Dexter McCluster returned a punt 89 yards for another score and the Chiefs went to 4-0 for the first time since the 2003 team started 9-0.

The injury-ravaged Giants trailed only 17-7 after three quarters. They managed only one TD, on a 69-yard catch-and-run from Eli Manning to Victor Cruz.

Smith, obtained in the offseason from San Francisco, hit touchdown passes of 4, 2 and 35 yards. He was 24 for 41 for 288 yards. He was intercepted twice and the Chiefs also lost a fumble, their first turnovers in what may be turning into a magical season for a franchise which hasn’t won a playoff game in two decades.

Manning, operating behind a banged-up offensive line, was 18 for 37 for 217 yards and the one TD. He was sacked three times and intercepted once, but harried and hurried much of the bright, sunny afternoon.

Late in the first quarter, Smith hit Sean McGrath, Jamaal Charles and Dwayne Bowe for gains of 12, 17 and 14 yards on successive plays. McGrath, the heavily bearded tight end and Seattle Seahawks castoff, got free in the end zone to catch Smith’s 5-yard TD pass to cap the 11-play, 98-yard drive.

The drive took 5 minutes, 38 seconds. To answer, Manning needed only 54 seconds.

On second down from the Giants 31, Cruz went streaking down the right sideline – turf normally patrolled by injured cornerback Brandon Flowers – caught Manning’s pass in stride and raced into the end zone. Trailing far behind was Dunta Robinson, a backup cornerback who had moved over to the left side.

The Chiefs led only 10-7 when McCluster fielded the ball and set sail on the first TD punt return the Chiefs have had since Sept. 13, 2010, when McCluster took one back a team-record 94 yards against San Diego during a rain storm. He juked one tackler, put a dizzying 360-degree spin move on another and then broke clear up the middle.

Ryan Succop, who kicked a 51-yard field goal in the second quarter, connected on a 53-yarder a few minutes later.

In the fourth quarter, Smith fired a 2-yard TD pass to Charles and a 35-yarder to Bowe, who twisted free of a couple of tacklers. Reports Oracle (NYSE:ORCL) beats New Zealand to keep America’s Cup Reports Oracle (NTSE:ORCL) beats New Zealand to keep America's Cup

SAN FRANCISCO — The big black cat almost used up its last life at the start, burying its bows in a wave and falling behind a boatload of Kiwis.

Of course, it was only fitting in this America’s Cup that Oracle Team USA would need to survive near-defeat again. With one last spectacular push in a winner-take-all finale Wednesday, the United States managed to hang onto the Auld Mug in closing out the longest, fastest and, by far, wildest America’s Cup ever with one of the greatest comebacks in sports.

“I’m going to rank it No. 1. We never gave up,” skipper Jimmy Spithill said. Spithill steered Oracle’s space-age, 72-foot catamaran to its eighth straight victory, speeding past Dean Barker and Team New Zealand sailing upwind in Race 19 on a San Francisco Bay course bordered by the Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and the Embarcadero.

All but defeated a week ago, the 34-year-old Australian and his international crew twice rallied from seven-point deficits to win 9-8. Owned by software billionaire Larry Ellison, Oracle Team USA was docked two points for illegally modifying boats in warmup regattas and had to win 11 races to keep the trophy.

For eight races, they sailed with no margin for error in a new class of boats that had a learning curve that was almost straight up. “There’s nothing like going all in,” Spithill said. “I’m so proud of the boys. … They didn’t flinch.”

It could have been over shortly after the start Wednesday just inside the Golden Gate Bridge. Oracle’s hulking black catamaran — with a giant No. 17 on each hull — buried its twin bows in a wave approaching the first mark and Barker turned his red-and-black cat around the buoy with a 7-second lead.

“We just knew it was going to be a tough race,” Spithill said. “I just have so much confidence in the boys on board and the boat. When you sail these boats, you’re on the edge. You really red-line them the whole way. They keep you on your toes. It’s a very demanding boat but it’s very rewarding at the same time.”

The New Zealanders were game despite being stranded on match point for a week. Spithill and crew still had to sail their best to keep from becoming the third American loser in 30 years. Oracle narrowed Team New Zealand’s lead to 3 seconds turning onto the third leg, the only time the boats sail into the wind.

New Zealand had the lead the first time the boats crossed on opposite tacks. By the time they crossed again, the American boat — with only one American on its 11-man crew — had the lead. As Oracle worked to build its lead, tactician Ben Ainslie, a four-time Olympic gold medalist from Britain, implored his mates by saying, “This is it. This is it. Working your (rears) off.” Ainslie replaced John Kostecki after Oracle lost four of the first five races.

It had to be a gut-wrenching moment in New Zealand — coming so close to winning the oldest trophy in international sports a week ago, only to see Oracle going faster and faster. Oracle’s shore team had made changes to the black cat every night in its big boatshed on Pier 80 to make its cat a speed freak going upwind. While the upwind leg was known earlier for the “Kiwi stretch,” where Team New Zealand sailed ahead, Oracle found another gear going windward in the final eight races.

“We started this regatta slower than the other team but we ended this regatta faster,” Spithill said. “That was an incredible team effort. That’s really what won us the Cup.” Ellison praised his entire team for finding the right mode for the boat.

“The guys finally cracked the code, finally figured out what we had to do,” the billionaire said. “We knew we had a fight on our hands,” Barker said. “It’s really frustrating. The gains that they made were just phenomenal. They did just an amazing job of sorting out their boat. It’s a good thing for us they didn’t do it earlier. I am incredibly proud of our team and what we achieved. But we didn’t get that last one we needed to take the cup back to New Zealand. It’s just very hard to swallow.”

As Spithill rounded the third mark onto the downwind fourth leg, his catamaran sprang onto its hydrofoils at 35 mph, its hulls completely out of the water, and headed for history. A final sprint across the wind on the reaching fifth leg resulted in a 44-second victory.

There were hugs and handshakes on the boat crewed by four Australians, two Kiwis, and one sailor each from the United States, Britain, Italy, Holland and Antigua. Ellison, who has spent an estimated $500 million the last 11 years in pursuing, winning and now defending the silver trophy, hopped on board and was sprayed with champagne by the celebrating crew.

Things weren’t always so jubilant, of course, but Spithill refused to let his team fold after the penalties were announced four days before racing started. How big was this win? In sailing terms, it was the equivalent of the Boston Red Sox sweeping the final four games of the 2004 ALCS over the New York Yankees, the only 3-0 comeback in major league history. It’s also comparable to the Philadelphia Flyers overcoming a 0-3 deficit to beat the Boston Bruins in the 2010 NHL playoffs.

As stirring of a comeback as it was for Spithill and his mates, it was a staggering loss for Team New Zealand. Barker, 41, was looking for redemption after losing the America’s Cup to Alinghi of Switzerland in 2003 and then steering the losing boat in 2007, also against Alinghi.

“For me, my job is to support the guys because they’re pretty smashed,” said Grant Dalton, the managing director of Team New Zealand who also is one of the grinders on the boat. “They’re feeling it pretty bad. … The country is really devastated.”

Team New Zealand was funded in part by its government and its future is uncertain. Barker was gracious in defeat. “To Oracle, amazing. We thought a couple of weeks ago that it was sort of in our favor, and the way they improved and turned things around is just incredible. It was unbelievable,” he said.

“It’s always tough when it gets to a winner-take-all because it’s such a great battle that it almost seems to be a crime that there has to be a winner and a loser,” Spithill said. “Those guys aren’t losers, they’re champions. I’ve got full respect for those guys.”

This was the first time the America’s Cup was raced inshore and San Francisco Bay provided a breathtaking racecourse. The catamarans were the vision of Ellison and his sailing team CEO, Russell Coutts, who is now a five-time America’s Cup winner.

Powered by a 131-foot wing sail, the cats have hit 50 mph, faster than the speed limit on the Golden Gate Bridge. Ellison said it’s too early to say whether the next America’s Cup will be in San Francisco. He joked that it might be around Lanai. Ellison bought 98 percent of the Hawaiian island in 2012.

Regardless, “This regatta has changed sailing forever,” Ellison said.