The Latest in Foreclosure and Owned Asset Processing from UNI-SOURCE 2000

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Handling foreclosures and owned assets can be incredibly time consuming. Even those that consider themselves experts in the process can benefit with the latest offering from UNI-SOURCE 2000. Already a leader in debt collections software as well as debt recovery software, UNI-SOURCE 2000 can now help to quickly and expertly expedite the foreclosure process. The UNI-SOURCE 2000 Foreclosure and Owned Asset software bundle can help anyone to streamline the foreclosure process. Whether dealing with a residential or commercial property, this incredible package from UNI-SOURCE 2000 can help make sure that no detail is left behind.

The UNI-SOURCE 2000 Foreclosure and Owned Asset software can make tracking the property simpler by keeping track of the book value, the list price and the valuation. Automatic reminders can be set to notify one of the deed recording date, when the property taxes are due, and the listing expiration date. If there is a lien on the property, its position can be tracked with ease.

With any foreclosure, it is incredibly important to make sure that one keeps track of all milestone dates. Some of these milestone dates include but are not limited to the date a property is sent to foreclosure, judgement date, foreclosure sale date, and possession date.

UNI-SOURCE 2000 Foreclosure and Owned Asset software can also be used to keep track of tenants income generated by a property, as well as all Real Estate agents associated with the property. Many properties that go through foreclosure require some kind of repair work. Repairs and related expenses can all be kept track of. Reports for both pending foreclosures and completed foreclosures can also be filed.

With regards to both Owned Assets and Owned Real Estate Reports, organizing and compiling all needed data becomes simpler than ever. Filing a property master report, containing such details as the account name, property address and property possession information can be now be done in far less time.

There are often many other kinds of reports that go along with this process. Properties Sold, Cost of Sale, Recovery from Sale, Property Expenses and Property Marketing reports can all be covered.

This amazing package to assist with Foreclosures and Owned Assets from UNI-SOURCE 2000 can be an incredible boost to any company that is looking to make things both more expedient and accurate. No matter what kind of property one may be working with, the software now offered from UNI-SOURCE 2000 can help make things simpler and more efficient.

About UNI-SOURCE 2000, Inc.

UNI-SOURCE  is a proven leader in the debt collection software market. The VQueue.Network (VQN) solution was originally established in 1979. VQN has been providing clients with innovative and creative solutions for over 30 years in both the Collection Agency and Financial Services industries. UNI-SOURCE’s primary focus has always been to listen to the needs of their existing clients and staying current with industry and compliance issues and concerns. Located in St. Louis, MO. UNI-SOURCE services clients domestically as well as internationally all over the globe in multiple languages.

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