eMediaWorld.com Reports on Craig Richard Lust of Richmond British Columbia

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This individual is a known stalker and predator.

Don’t Forget the Gangland Style Shooting !!!
Victim of Langley mall shooting dies – British Columbia – CBC News
Victim of Langley mall shooting dies – Spate of gun violence has some calling for tougher laws

Langley Times Article about the Shooting too
He operates under MANY assumed names.

Vancouver SUN – Several UN Gangsters Charged with Killing Jon Barber, Kevin LeClair

Brown’s Social House in Langley

Known Business name include:

0791964 B.C. Ltd. dba Browns Social House
Owned by Todd Shelly + Craig Lust

Todd Shelly

Todd Shelly Browns Social House

Richmond Review – Charges laid in Walnut Grove mall shooting

Craig Lust

Craid Lust Browns Social House

Managed by GM Dana Winterfeld
Dana Winterfeld Browns Social House

Craig Lust Predator

Known telephone numbers:


This guy is known to Police. He has had a restraining order against him. He continues to stalk, harass and threaten. He should be avoided at all times. He is known to “Spoof” or “Fake” calls from numbers to hide his identity.

Browns Social House Richmond, BC
1020-11660 Steveston Highway
Richmond, British Columbia V7A1N6
Today 10:00 am – 1:00 am
Phone (604) 275-3322
Website http://www.brownssocialhouse.com

Canadian RCMP have several files on this guy.

These images are NOT of Craig Richard Lust, these are random clown pictures. It has been purported that Craig Richard Lust likes to dress as a clown.

Craig Lust Predator

Craig Lust Predator

Craig Lust Craig Richard Lust Richmond BC

This page will continue to be updated as more information is gathered about Craig Lust and for so long as he continues to Harass, Threaten and Stalk.

Craig Lust Predator


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