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Recently, in Romania, the world of online has developed considerably and is gaining grounds on the market. Therefore, sites need a good hosting for a profitable activity. If your site has developed significantly, it`s likely to need to pass to the following level and provide yourself with a dedicated server.

Dedicated servers have more advantages than a shared host.

In the first place, you own the server and there is no other site `under the same umbrella` with yours. As you may know, there are more site on a shared servers, which automatically have the same IP as the site you own. Those sites might contain some illegal information or files, or might even be pirated. They can also be used for stealing some data or for spamming.

Second, you have to take into consideration the usage of resources and traffic. If you have other sites which are hosted on the same domain, more resources will be used, it will become slower and sometimes those sites can also generate errors. From the point of view of traffic, hosting is once more one step behind, because the traffic is often limited to some gigabits, fact which could make your site go offline until the next month, if you exceed it. The other option is to buy extra traffic, which will take financial resources and inconvenience.

Traditional Datacenter can accommodate up to 4KW/rack, because of the technical limitations of the cooling systems. Nowadays a rack filled with blades can easily use 20KW/h.

Another benefit of the dedicated servers is the control and we refer now to administrative servers. Moreover, it is you who will organize and manage your own server so that the site could function at its best.

In the end, my conclusion is in favour of the dedicated servers and you should try to archive one when you intend to launch a site online. All the arguments being said and explain above, it will remain your option . operates it’s own infrastructure. We own all the equipment we sell directly or as a service to our customers.

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