Should Americans Take Advantage Of Tax Preparation Software Or Think About Using A CPA?

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This is the time of the year that as consumers, we all start thinking about our taxes. As people, we all know that when it comes down to it, a percentage of every dollar that Americans make will go to the government for taxes. Come the first of the year, many consumers find themselves faced with a question, “Should Americans look for an accountant or should these consumers use software to possibly save money?”. The reality is, this question can only be answered by the people that are asking it. However, when it comes to taxes and money, I can give Americans a few pieces of information that may help them to make the decision.

#1: Accountants Are Accountants For A Reason – When we think about bookkeepers, we think about a professional that went to school to learn how to save consumers and businesses money on taxes. This is exactly the case. It is not easy for Americans to become bookkeepers. They need to take accounting classes and tests that prove that they thoroughly understand the matters that accountants are expected to deal with. Although program that acts as a bookkeeper is written in a way that helps people to become an at home accountant, the reality is, the software can’t talk to the Americans and ask questions that could lead to deductions and more money for the consumers.

#2: We All Want To Save Money – The reality is, as consumers, we all want to save cash. It’s in our nature to save cash and use it for other things. However, let’s think about CPAs. When it comes down to it, bookkeepers will generally charge between one and two hundred dollars to Americans for the preparation of a tax return. For this money, the bookkeepers will look for any and all deductions that will help Americans to receive a higher tax return. So, spending $200 may seem like a lot to many Americans however, if these consumers get $500 more on their tax return because of their accountants, well, they made $300!

#3: The Law – Finally, let’s think about why people pay taxes in the first place. If it was up to people there would be a lot less of them paying every year. When it comes down to it, if people use software to do their taxes instead of a bookkeeper, there is a chance that the taxes may be done improperly. If this happens, the Americans may be chased by the IRS for back taxes which will now cost the people more cash!

The bottom line is, when Americans do their taxes, it’s best to do it with the help of an CPA!

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