eMediaWorld.com: Rockefeller impostor sentenced for US murder

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Rockefeller impostor sentenced for US murder

LOS ANGELES, CA — A man who assumed numerous identities, including as a Rockefeller heir, has been sentenced to 27 years to life in prison for a murder in California.

German immigrant Christian Gerhartsreiter was sentenced Thursday in Los Angeles Superior Court for the killing of John Sohus, who disappeared with his wife, Linda, in 1985. John Sohus’ bones were later dug up in the backyard of a California home where Gerhartsreiter had been a tenant living under a false name.

Gerhartsreiter vanished around that time, and in the following years he masqueraded across the U.S. under a series of identities. Publicity over his conviction in the kidnapping of his own daughter led investigators to re-examine the California case.


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