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June 8, 2019 9:18 PM0 commentsViews: 1

Hello everyone, I had to pray on this before I actually did this, I don’t want it to be too long my mom is on the picture because she has always been my backbone, but I was put in a very hard situation to where I was in the streets struggling ,working n trying to provide for my kids, I was in a unhealthy relationship that thank God I was able to leave, I never once got assistance from the state even went to a homeless shelter at one point with my babies was working n trying to get in my feet, I don’t want to get to deep but because of me working, left my 16 year old daughter to watch my 2 small babies landlord decided to call law enforcement n from there all hell broke loose due to a lot of different circumstances, my two youngest babies have been taken temporarily from me n I have to prove to the state that I’m stable, have my own place so that I can get my two babies  because they separated all my kids I’m currently working, staying with my mom n doin everything that I have to do but it’s just been so hard to be able to save every bit of dollar because even tho they are not with me I still provide every visitation,I take a lyft to & from work 7 days a week Ive been able to save a little bit but not how I would  like to because even tho I stay with my mom I still have responsibilities  I get zero help from the father of my kids which I do not want to contact at all, but all I’m asking is for a lil help $1 dollar helps if everyone can pitch in n look deep in their heart to help my babies n I, I’m humbly coming to you so that my kids n I can reunite soon plz no negative comments thank you it took all my pride to do this but this is all for them God bless you all every Lil bit counts I appreciate anything much love Amyxo no negative comments at all plz



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