About to be homeless please help! GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

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Hello Neighbors, friends and strangers! 
Please help us if you can. 
Desperate times call for desperate measures so I am doing everything i possibly can to keep from being homeless.
My name is Melanie and I am campaigning for emergency moving funds.

On August 5th  I was given notice to move due to no renew lease, the building going under renovations as well as up for sale. (This is my 3rd time extension from landlord and definitely the last)
The new rents would be a 60% increase and i already just get by on my small SSI income of 750 a month and 100 food stamps.

I have lived in this neighborhood for over 16 years and have been on ssi with no other income for the past few years of that.  No evictions ever.

Though my everyday stress aside from my health problems has been to save for the future and moments like these; I have not been able despite my best efforts.
I am not proud of it; i pinched every penny, use coupons and just flat out went with out to get by as a regular way of life. It’s hard when it all goes to rent and electric.

it’s a wide spread problem for people on SSI. It’s meant to be a supplement and make you eligible for section 8 but section 8 is closed with a years long waiting list for a lottery.

Myself and the fur babies could really use your blessings! And Any little bit you can spare would be greatly greatly appreciated and never ever forgotten.

Please help me reach this goal
My Plan
If lucky enough to get to my full goal amount, I will move to a more affordable state out of Florida. (i have 3 in mind)
After researching everything; This is my bare bones break down of moving expenses that i desperately need help with.

1-2 month Storage unit in the new area $150
Greyhound bus ticket (avg $190 for me and my service dog)
Motel stay for a few nights 3-4 days as I look for another apartment in new state. avg $250

Since I can not drive (never have) I would need to rent a small pod or mover to deliver my things to the out of state storage unit and those estimates are averaging upwards of 800-1000 dollars.  that’s with out furniture just boxes.

The biggest expense is the help needed for security dep which is first last and security. Based on finding a $450-500 a month apartment=1,500.

A new option that came my way was purchasing a low income home. I qualify but still need about the same money for moving and closing costs.

I have no problem what so ever posting the receipts on here as funds are used for moving. I intend to pay it all forward..

It was never my intention to be sick, (PCOS,bad pancreas, PTSD, spondylosis and 2 bulging Discs) It’s not easy dealing with this and The stress and worry is gnawing away at me.

If I did not move out of state the numbers would be almost triple because of the high cost of rents here. The only way I can hold my own again is to re-locate. If I stay in Florida I will wind up in the same predicament.

I tried all local agencies, churches and the like have turned me away for help because they just don’t have it available and i don’t have children.

Thank you so much for reading, sharing and understanding. Please help me from being homeless.
My biggest fear is that the gutter I’m looking at is my last chapter in life and I so don’t want it to be.
-Melanie. (And Frankymoe service dog)

We appreciate your help so much!


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