Battling loss of eyesight GoFundME Campaign

September 25, 2018 7:47 PM0 commentsViews: 3

My mom, Marina, is 75 years old, disabled and on dialysis due to kidney failure. Now, she is slowly losing her eyesight. She can only see shadows. Her garden she worked on for years is now only black and white. My mom has to be be hand fed because of her lack of close up sight as well.

There is a device available that will allow her to regain most of her ability to see again by video projection into her eyes. Its used similar to a virtual reality unit. Its the only available procedure for her to see. My mom tried it and was in tears that she was able to see our faces again.

Her husband is a retired Air Force Vietnam veteran and has limited ability to help. I need your help to give my mom the ability to see again by donating whatever you can for her to purchase the unit.

Thank you very very much.


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