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My name is Crystal. This very hard. Time n need for me to ask anyone for help, but I am the 1st n lasted one to help in every possible way I can ,as well very greatly high appreciated for anyone to help me this need for my daughter’s surgery even $1.00 donated. I’ve be highly delight w so kinda weigh off my shoulders.

I’VE BEEN “THANKFULLY & BLESSED” WITH (X-2) ” BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN”!!! “Little Boy Named : “URIJAH”- (“MY CURLY FRENCH FYE PRINCE”!!!) ///////////&&&&&///////// (“Little Girl Named : “KYLIEANN”- “MY PRINCESS PUMPKIN BUTT”!!!

I have raised them both on my own and have struggled a great deal because it’s hard enough being a single mom, but when you have two children with disabilities it makes things twice as challenging.I do my best and I take it one day at a time knowing that my children are my priority and I am only stronger because of what I push through on a daily basis. My daughter has Crohn’s disease which is something she was born with.

She is now 10 years old.She will be having surgery on the week of surgery will bwe are trying to get ready mentally,emotionally,financially and physically. Financially we are struggling because we are depending on a social security check we receive for my sons disabilities which pretty much pays our rent. Without any support from family or friends I brought up the struggles we are facing to my mentor at Christian Hope Resource Center.

She recommended I create a Go Fund Me account to see if I could raise funds this way for food at the hospital,medical expenses and any expenses when we are released from the hospital. I am reaching out to you and asking for any donations you can offer.

Anything you can donate would be greatly appreciated by me and my children.

Thank you so much in advance for your time and generosity.

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