Bernie’s family GoFundMe Viral Exposure Campaign

August 22, 2018 12:23 AM0 commentsViews: 3

This is a homeless family in Lake Charles, LA that is currently without any place to stay the youngest are twins. I have been helping them with food and shelter for 3 months but I find myself unable to help them with things they need most right now so I am reaching out for help for them with food, school supplies and shelter.

They lost their mother earlier in the year and then their grandmother 2 months later. Their only support in recent months has been through my family finding work and food for them. Help is urgently needed.

Please help with anything you can it will be greatly appreciated. Any amount helps $5 or any amount helps and please share with your friends, family Facebook friends anyone who might be able to help please join me in keeping this family on it’s feet again may god bless you and them.

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