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My name is Prisca a breast cancer survivor who used to think that the diagnosis of cancer meas death.I was diagnosed with breast cancer on the 25 of October in 2017 and had a surgery on the 31 of October 2017.
Everything was coming as a shock to me through out the whole treatment.I never knew that a person can live with one breast ,I never knew about chemotherapy,I never knew about the harsh side effects of Chemotherapy.I never knew that eventually after the body cells are eradicated by chemotherapy , they will still rise up and help fighting cancer cells.
In a Nutshell,as someone who was ignorant about cancer ,I aim to reach out to others about Cancer ♋ in Africa.
After considering my previous believes about Cancer,it made me realize there are a lot of people out there who are still in darkness about cancer and hence why I decided reaching out to them and share my experience and knowledge about Cancer


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