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I trying to rise some money for my friend wife and her family. Here hers story Cancer … Some say it is a civilization disease. I always thought that it would never happen to me. A bucket of cold water on my head was poured on my 31st birthday. I took the result and suddenly the world fell … Diagnosis: malignant colon cancer! How is this possible?! I eat a healthy diet and play sports. And then thoughts came:

WHY ?! Fortunately, I had a lot of positive energy from friends and family. Sobering came quickly: I am a mother of two young children! I pull myself together and act. It is not easy for me to ask for help, because I always try to deal with the problem myself. Therefore, until the last moment I hesitate to publish the screenshot, then everything will go into the world. I am currently under the care of good specialists. The action plan will be clarified after additional tests.

The wallpaper is aggressive chemoradiotherapy followed by surgery, or radiotherapy – surgery and possibly chemotherapy. Every penny counts in the fight against cancer. Visits to specialists, frequent commuting to the Lower Silesian Oncology Center, adequate supplementation strengthening the body. After adding up, the top of the penny is collected;)

Thank you in advance for the gifts from my heart. Pictures above are made by me and each donor I give such a photo. My friend advised me: write something about yourself! And this is probably the most difficult task :) Let’s start with something simple. My name is Ewelina and I am a mother of two energetic kids. For me, they count the most! My husband supports me in this difficult period and bravely endures my sorrows. It is for them that I fight with myself every day.

I love roller skates and bike. Together with children, we go to a nearby reservoir. I hope that after the surgery I will be able to be active because it makes me happy. If, however, I have to put down sport for a bit, I think I will take a good fantasy book.

I wish everyone a lot of health, because that’s what counts nowadays. this is my friend wife story

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