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Hello my Name is Samantha Williams & I have a four year old his name is Markell Adams. Two months ago I was on the verge of getting evicted with everything to lose, then a lady approach me and decided she would help take all of my problems away. She paid my rent for one month and told me that the little bit of money that I original had for the rent (wasn’t even half) to make sure my son had some food and stuff for school. I was very gracious that god had sent an angel down to help us in the of need. Fast forward to today,

I received a call from my landlord telling me that the hound lady disputed the transaction and now I have to pay the rent amount that she promised she would handled. The landlord gave me 4 days to come up with the total.

ANYTHING HELPS! Please we live in a cruel world- and I’m trying my best to come up with the other half all I am asking is for help and sympathy for my son.


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