Cultural Diversity Pty Ltd GoFundME Crowd Funding Campaign

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Cultural Diversity Pty Ltd is a community based response to provide housing for people who struggle to live independently or may be at risk of homelessness. Our services provide mentoring, job opportunities in the community, positive/ health lifestyle programs and self awareness.

We strive on respect, dignity, integrity compassion and love. We deal with mental illnesses by way of our Walk and  Talk healing through connectivity a social programme where people with mental health issues can meet in a controlled and friendly environment that can help them cope with their mental health issues.

We are advocates for dealing with crimes against humanity environmental issues and re – integration into society. We are collectively in contact with people in the Detention Centres helping them get back to there respective families.

Cultural Diversity Pty Ltd is a proud organisation that is focused on repairing the infrastructure of society and dedicated to reshaping the future of mankind by way of Humanitarianism Developments


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