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I am a United States Postal worker at Beverly Hills PO. I am asking for help because I have gone through so much harassment and mental stress from being pushed out of a running vehicle at work while pregnant and being locked up in an elevator while six months pregnant. Instead of helping me managers laughed as they also did when I fainted as well. I was told that they did not have to adhere to doctors restrictions and I was denied paid leave. I was told that if I wanted to have more time with my baby I would have to work, in which I did till seven months on the field. I was punished for going to postnatal appointments and had coworkers screaming and harassing me daily. I was unable to breastfeed due to the extream amount of stress. I fainted twice because there was no AC during the hot summer of 2017 when I addressed it to the manager they told me we are on a budget. I was constantly given more workload and threaten that they will find things on me if they wanted to all while trying to care for my four-month-old infant. I was constantly pulled into the office and kicked out of the building without reason. I was told I was fat that my hair was too kinky and that I better not get pregnant again! I was denied compensation. I have done an EEO case and have also been denied. I ended up suffering a mental breakdown postpartum psychosis episode. I had to leave work and find help for myself because I was denied union representation and no one would investigate my claims of sexual and physical harassment that I experienced during and after pregnancy. I am not receiving any income and no one from the United States Postal Service has contacted me but constantly send me bills stating that I owe them. I am currently in treatment for my mental illness as I have been threatened my health care will soon end. I am not able to afford legal aid as this is a federal case. I’m fighting for my dignity and sanity at this point. I am fighting to continue my treatment, healing and support for postpartum depression because I want to be here for my son whom I love dearly. I would like to get a lawyer and advocacy to help me move on with my life and get peace of mind as soon as possible. It has been hard to focus completely on my treatment as the postal service continues to send letters. Mental health is a serious issue. I feel that the actions that are happening against me at this time further give power to the stigma towards African American women especially mothers who suffer from postpartum depression.

We appreciate your help.

C. Lecocq

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