foldable four bag filler ViralExposure Booster

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Hello all I invented this tool that holds open 4 sandbags at once. Allowing the user to fill all 4 bags at once In under 1 minute. I invented this tool after I saw an older lady and a young kid trying to fill sandbags one at a time. Using a shovel in one hand and the sandbag in the other. This tool is to help anyone faced with a flood or water damage. If your in hurricane or fire zones you know very well why I invented this tool. The funds raised will be put to use to finalize all start up business expenses And produce this tool to save peoples homes, business, property and lives. I am overwhelmed with the need to help others and it would be incredible to be able to save so many homes and people with your help. HURRICANE SEASON IS FROM MAY TO NOVEMBER AND 10s OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE LIVE IN HURRICANE ZONES IN SEVERAL STATES


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