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Please take the time to read a mothers plea to help her son. All her children are seen here as youngins. Garrick is the adorable boy with blonde hair. Garrick is in desperate need of a hospital bed and an electric wheelchair to drastically
improve my sons quality of life. Garrick suffers from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome which is a debilitating disease which leaves him bedridden 24 hours a day. Any movement causes dislocation and torn ligaments /tendons.

He can no longer walk or do basic tasks such as that we all take for granted. Imagine for a minute that if every time you brushed your teeth it resulted in crippling pain and discomfort. My son suffers this every minute of every day. Simply chewing food will dislocate his jaw. With each new injury, it takes weeks to heal. It has been years since he has had a single pain free day.

The effects of EDS come from the mutation in his DNA that tells his body to synthesize or make cologne which is the glue that holds the whole body together. That includes blood vessels, bones, muscles, muscle fibers, cartilage, connective tissue, skin, ligaments, tendons, organs, and most of the body. The main effects are too much movement in the joints causing them to dislocate very easily witch causes rips and tears in all the ligaments and tendons throughout the body that try to hold the joints together.

Garrick condition will only worsen as he ages. Our only goal is to help ease his suffering and to try and to improve his quality of life as there is no cure for EDS. Currently, all of our disposable income goes towards the 15 different medications that he takes daily.

By the grace of God Garrick was granted with an Angel named Kimmie.

Kimmie and Garrick met 5 years ago and were married only a year later.
Both Garrick and Kimmie live in my home full time to give Garrick the best care that we can. Kimmie is by his side 24 hours a day, she never leaves his side and gives him 100% of her attention and love.

It is crucial that we get Garrick a hospital bed and an electric wheelchair . Garrick needs to the hospital bed so that he can sit in an upright position to perform basic tasks such as eating and cleaning his body. The wheelchair is to offer Garrick another view other than his bedroom and the 4 walls that surround him. A wheelchair is also required to
transport him with as little pain as possible and without further injury to his many doctor’s appointments.

Please, I kindly ask that you make a donation, no matter how small or large it is we will use it to benefit Garrick’s quality of life. If you cannot make a donation please share our story with your friends and family within your social circles. Thank you and God bless!


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