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Charles is the survivor of a hate crime. When he was in Mississippi, white supremacist clubbed him in the base of his brain, As a result of the injury,a double aneurysm resulted many years later, he had to have brain surgery to survive. Because of the assault, he has PTSD so severe he is low functioning.

The local and federal government keeps reviewing his case, three times (once a month they contact him and make him go through his case), and we believe that they will eventually, at this rate, decide to take his medicare and medicaid away.

This is a very GOP town, and they go after people on this type insurance, the local people here just do not approve of government funded health insurance, and they won’t hesitate to share that opinion with you. Without continued treatment, stress meds, medical attention, Charles may die and never realize his dream to see Colorado and live near his emotionally supportive friend there.

He needs the support of his best friend Robert, and Robert wants Charles close enough he can visit Charles often. I love my brother and do not want to see him eventually die from a lack of treatment that no insurance will bring.

I also want to see this man, my brother, Charles, that worries and has suffered so much, happy for once in his lifetime.

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