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My name is Clyde. I am a 6 year old deaf Great Dane. I am also a twin with my sister Bonnie. We were adopted together as puppies to save our lives, because of our imperfection (being deaf) some breeders kill us at birth. We have been blessed to have the best Great Dane mom She is an expert on my breed and she has given us the best diets, walks, love and comforts you can’t imagine. I lived most of my life on an island where i walked 1 miles per day every day! I cannot walk anymore due to Hip Dysplasia. I also lost my best friend and sister Bonnie 2 weeks ago, it was VERY unexpected and heartbreaking, we have never been apart. It has left me depressed. I cannot get up unassisted. I spend most of my days inactive, laying on the floor, due to my size, I’m not the easiest to move around!!…and Mom is not a “spring chicken”.

I need a ramp and a wheelchair, or Surgery, to be mobile again. I am perfectly coherent and my mom controls my pain with a vet who comes to my home, makes his own medicine and CBD oil helps as well.

I miss my walks, being outside, and fresh air, a custom made wheelchair would get me out and about once again and a ramp to help me outside as there are stairs I cannot manage. Vet Bill alone for specialized care is very expensive as with my Medicine’s. Mom can manage those daily expenses, but stops at the equipment, it is way expensive, she just can’t afford such. I will post regular pictures of myself and how I am progressing!

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