Help me bring my character to life! GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure Campaign

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I started a GoFundMe  in order to raise money to buy something that I have wanted for years. This something is definitely out of the ordinary for expensive things others might want. These could be things such as a car, boat, electronic equipment, or even a vacation. No. What I want is not normal, and I’m okay with that. What I want is a fursuit. Now, at first glace, one might say, “Huh? What’s a fursuit?” Well, it’s simple. Think “mascot costume,” but personalized. Fursuits are generally big fluffy costumes that depict an anthropomorphized animal character that one has created in their mind and wants to bring to life through art. This is a picture of two of my favorite fursuits.

34013378_1540523232987724_r.jpegKind of weird? Yeah. A little. But this has been my dream for two years running since I discovered that fursuits were a thing. The name of my character that I would like to bring to life is Argo. He is a 6’0″ tall wolf that is turquoise, blue, white, and lime green. He loves to eat pizza, go bowling, and enjoys casual gaming with his extremely close friends. He goes on runs casually as well, and competes in occasional 10k road races too. And that’s it. That’s my character. It would be a dream come true to bring Argo to life in a piece of wearable art. And that’s where the problems start to come in. Did you notice the $3000 goal at the top? Seems a little outrageous for a costume, right? Well, each and every fursuit bought by others who have similar interests as me is handmade to your exact body dimensions all from scratch. The work alone required to create one can range anywhere from  20 to upwards of 80 hours! Fursuits are pieces of art. They are not easy to make, and that’s why they are so expensive. Fursuit making requires years of practice to perfect, and doing it is usually the creator’s full time job. Knowing all that, the price tag sort of makes sense. I’m not asking for much, but even a single penny given brings me one step closer achieving my dream of getting a fursuit. Thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart for your support. I truly mean it.


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