Help save a life from kidney failure GoFundME Crowdfunding Campaign

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Please help save the life of someone I hold so dear. He has got real sick while working. He had only thought he had back pain, but then all of a sudden to find out, his kidney was failing.

He works back and forth across the country building homes and living spaces for others. He has been on bed rest for months with no way to make money to return home or pay for his treatments. He can barely get out of bed but still finds time in his heart to make sure I am doing ok. Please help him return home, and get the proper treatments he needs to save his life.

For months now i have been sending him money, but can’t afford enough to save him. the doctors say he doesn’t have much longer. He will need the treatments which I can not afford and I am scared I am going to loose a greatest person in my life because I don’t have the money to save him. I am so sad for him. He is a great man with the biggest heart. He is stuck in a bad place and want the best for him. He is only 33 years old with so much life to live.Please, please if you can. Help me save his life today. Please, a little bit will help, bless you.

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