Hillary O’connor Needs your Help Mother of 3 GoFundME CrowdFunding Exposure

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Hello my name is Hillary O’connor. I am a single low income, disabled mother of 3 children. I was recently evicted with my children on September 6th 2018, unfortunately the same day my car was towed and i couldn’t afford to get it out. We are now living in a Motel in the Northwest Suburbs without a vehicle. I am legally disabled due to kidney failure that i suffer from. I also suffer from Anxiety, Depression and PTSD due to the lost of my mom when I was 16 and 7 months pregnant  with my son, as well as being a domestic violence survivor  ( I was abused from 2001-2006 ) from my son’s father. My 10 year old daughter suffers from Bi-Urinary Reflux so she requires an extreme amount of special care, that is one of the reasons we cant stay in a shelter.  Without my daughter having the proper care I provide for her she can easily start to get re-accuring kidney infections, leading to kidney failure and possibly multiple surgeries.


I have had a gofundme page for a while and have had no success. I have 3 children and was evicted from my apartment September 6th. Along with the lose of our apartment, all our belongings and precious memorabilia thats irreplaceable, we also lost our vehicle the same day. This was devastating to myswlf and children. I currently am unable to work due to a kidney desease that I was diagnosed with in 2008 that causes me to have re-accuring kidney infections and kidney stones. I have had a double surgery on my left kidney and now have been advised feom my doctor that I need to have a surgery on my right kidney. Until we move into a apartment it is impossible to have the surgery while being in a homeless situation. My ten year old daughter was born with Vasculitory Bi-Urinary Reflux and it is at a pretty severe stage on both her left and right side of bladder, she requires an extreme amount of special care for her condition. Other than my ten year old, I also have a 16 year old son in highschool and a 1 year old daughter. My children mean everything to me. Thankfully since mid-2017 I finally was approved for disability due to my kidney failure. Unfortunately that covers about 12-13 days of our hotel stay and we struggle to get donations or funding for the remainder of each month until we are placed in an apartment through one of tge e agencies I am working with for long term housing assistance. I would concider living in a shelter with my children until we get placed but that brings up major health concerns for my ten year old as well as myself, as I now travel to and feom my doctor 2-3 times weekly for treatment and therepy. I have gotten much assistance from OLPH church in Glenview, St.Vincent Depaul church, Catholic Chairities, The hope program and some help feom Glenview township. I have exausted alot of the help from most of these resources. Please if anyone or any place can help it would be most deeply appreciated.Thank you all and God Bless.

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