Home for family in need.

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I’ve had my #GFM for 30 days and have only had one donation. I would be really grateful if you all could please help me reach our #GFM goal: My son Mathew and his fiance are homeless and they have a 3 year old son and a 7 month old baby girl. I am trying to raise some money to help them reestablish their lives.

My son is has lost everything home, vehicle and job. My son doesn’t know that I am trying to raise money for him, but with me working only part time all I can afford to help him with is $200.00 to raise $3000 to help them get into a home and get a used vehicle to get them back and forth to work and doctors visits for the babies. Please help me help them out with any type of donation for work or a little donation of money if it’s possible. We hope and pray that we can help them with their journey through this hard time that they are going through.

Right now they are having to stay between friends or family in which it’s a few nights at a time and I think that this is not a good way to raise their little ones. They have tried going to shelters but the places seem to want to separate their family but my son doesn’t want that this to happen to his family.

They have put off getting married several times due to the hard times that they are going through. He cares too much about his babies and doesn’t want them taken away because they keep moving from place to place.

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