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Morning. Sorry so early. My mind has been nonstop all night. I know that I have no right to ask any of you this but here I go.

We are truly between a rock & a hard place. We do not make enough money for a loan & are getting no assistance at all other then boys medicaid. We were praying you would find mercy on us & room in your heart to take just a few minutes of your time & please write small letter in favor of support x repost our gofundme.com web site sharing with all your social media friends x family asking them to share as well.

Even the cost of a coffee or MCDONALD’S tea($1.) would make a difference adding up x getting us more opportunities for assistance. Family has started turning against us like always but with out even a few feet added on to Chris old bedroom it will that much longer to get Chris home.

His CPS worker just had 1 person working at residential home fired for slamming Chris into the floor. He got a busted lip x bloody nose from it. This is not the first time he has been assaulted there. Sure we would like to add on a new room for many reasons but if we could just raise the funds needed to aff a few feet to his old room that would be a blessing. We need to get him home.

Won’t you please help.
God bless you in advance




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