Homestead for the Homeless GoFundME Boost CrowdFunding Campaign

February 2, 2019 9:36 PM0 commentsViews: 1

My fiance and I want to help ppl and the environment.

Our plan is to buy 35+ acre property in Colorado and invite those who need a home to live there. We plan to be as green as possible by digging a well, using solar panels and a huge greenhouse for everyone to help with. Most of the property would be used to grow fruit trees, which would be used to help provide food for everyone living there. Extra food would be brought to ppl who suffer natural disasters.

Considering that we are looking at 20+ acres of fruit trees, that will leave us plenty to donate/give away. All we want to do is be able to help others, which is why we would be transporting the extra food to those who need it, especially during hurricane season. We have been homeless, we have lost everything, we know what it’s like to struggle for a meal. This is why we want to be able to help others.

The property will be about $30k, the well about $20k, greenhouse about $30k and solar panels about $25k. The rest of the money would be used for seeds, trees, plants and, of course, the needed buildings.  This is something we have thought about and planned for a while now. If we work towards this goal alone, it will take us 5 years, or more, to be able to help those who need the help now.

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