I have Ehlers-Danlos and cPTSD! I want to survive! ViralExposure Booster ZumaFunder.com

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Hello, my name is Renee Toussel and this is my story of Invisible Illness. I have the very rare and life long sentence of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome hypermobility type, Complex PTSD from years of being sexually abused as a child and from being brutally raped at age 16. I also have Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome that causes me to blackout upon standing, Fibromyalgia causing widespread nerve pain. Advanced early onset Osteoarthritis , Degenerative Disc Disease, Degenerative Joint Disease, Tarlov Cyst Disease which is CSF filled sacks at the bottom of my nerve roots causing severe pain in my sacrum when sitting and standing, Depression, Anxiety and Panic disorder. I am unable to work due to daily joint dislocations, chronic pain, Fatigue, shortness of breath, syncope, blacking out, memory loss, brain Fog and severe social anxiety. I was born with this rare debilitating disease and all through my childhood and teens, I was labeled as double jointed and clumsy. My pain was brushed off as growing pains. I started having back, neck and hip pain as a child and into my teens. Everything started to intensify after my first child was born then my second. In my late twenties, I barely survived my right ovary rupturing and then the left ruptured in my mid thirties after my third child was born. Both nearly taking my life. From there, I was immediately Post Menopausal and that’s when things began to get really bad. I noticed that I was having hearing loss and was diagnosed with Meneirs Disease. My vision was rapidly changing and not for the better. I started having debilitating lower back pain to the point of struggling to bend or walk. Then in my early forties, my ligaments and tissues started to easily tear resulting in two right knee surgeries and my Sacral joints began dislocating multiple times a day. My shoulders, ankles and knees were dislocating randomly too. In June of last year I had to have my left shoulder repaired because I completely tore and released the labrum after one of many shoulder dislocations. In August of last year I had to have a Sacrocolpopexy because all of my pelvic organs had completely torn and fallen. I am 52 now and struggling with debilitating knee pain. I will never get better. These diseases and Co-morbidities are all progressive. I am mostly homebound, only going out to Dr’s appointments and an occasional trip to the grocery store. I am fighting for disability but it’s a long road and I need financial help Now! The funds will go to; Medical supplies such as braces and compression garments to help keep my joints from dislocating. Gas to get me back and forth to my Doctors. Medications that my Medicaid will not cover. Food and necessities for everyday survival. I need your help immediately! My body has failed me! I cannot work! I have no money for basic survival. Please help me! Every dollar makes a difference! Your donation could potentially save my life!

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